Research and Publications

My current research explores perceptions of environmental risk, and how those risks are communicated between and among stakeholder groups. I use an ongoing environmental issue, invasive species, as the focal point of discussion for my explorations of environmental risk perception and communication.

My research seeks to determine whether there is agreement among stakeholders regarding the basic premises that underlie current AIS management policies such as what it means to be invasive in the first place, what degree of risk is acceptable, and what degree of management is required. I am interested in how well stakeholders are able to communicate differences on these issues, and how this may shape stakeholders’ willingness to participate or otherwise engage in the management of these species.


Policy Brief 2023: Globally Responsible, Locally Responsive. University of Eastern Finland.

Stratton NG, Mandrak NE, Klenk N (2022) From anti-science to environmental nihilism: the Fata Morgana of invasive species denialism. NeoBiota 75: 39-56.

Montgomery FM*, Stratton N*, Bzonek PA, Campbell SE, Castañeda RA, Chenery ES, Gallage K, Heer T, Kindree MM, Mandrak NE. (2021). The role of science advice in Recovery Potential Assessments in freshwater fish listing decisions under the Canadian Species at Risk Act. FACETS. 6(1): 1247-1259.

Stratton N, Imre I, Di Rocco R, Brown GE. (2021). Effect of potential Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) repellents on the distribution of juvenile Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in a laboratory environment. UTSC’s Journal of Natural Sciences. 2 (1), 23-35.

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