Teaching Experience

Teaching Fundamentals Certificate, University of Toronto, 2021

Experience as a Teaching Assistant:

University of Toronto
Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences
ESTB01H3 Introduction to Environmental Studies (Fall 2021; Fall 2020; Fall 2019; Fall 2018)
EES1129H Brownfields Redevelopment (Fall 2021; Fall 2020; Fall 2019)
EES1123H Environmental Regulations (Winter 2021; Winter 2020; Winter 2019; Winter 2018)
ESTD19H3 Risk (Winter 2021; Winter 2019; Fall 2018)
EES3113HS Topics in Population and Community Ecology: Ecology and Management of Protected Areas (Winter 2021; Winter 2020; Winter 2018)
PSCD11H3 Communicating Science: Film, Media, Journalism, and Society (Winter 2019)

Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences
POLC53H3 Canadian Environmental Policy (Winter 2021; Winter 2019; Fall 2017)

Department of Biological Sciences
BIOC63H3 Conservation Biology (Fall 2017)

Algoma University
Department of Biology
BOL1506 Biology I (Fall 2014)

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